Creative Process :: ‘SKIP’s Big Ideas’ Premiers, Needs Your Support

When it comes to creative drive, fresh ideas, and solid execution, few can match Orlando-based artist and musician SKIP of Franchise Industries.  After several successful installations over the past couple of years, SKIP decided it was important to both document and share the process, for the sake of posterity and as an opportunity to educate/inspire other potential artists.  In the midst of this revelation, SKIP’s Big Ideas was born.  The premier episode hit YouTube in August, and now SKIP needs your help.

In order for things to move to the next level, viewer support is needed.  Hopefully, we can get SKIP up to 1,000 views by January 1st, and this can be the first step to providing bigger and better opportunities, guests, and production value.  Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and most importantly, SHARE AND WATCH!


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