Face Time :: Jonathan Brown Gets Up Close And Personal In New Video For ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’

On a recent trip to GreensboroNorth Carolina, it seems that Jonathan Brown had a moment of inspiration.  His music is already extremely personal and intimate, and for his song The Red Wheelbarrow (off of his upcoming album Aggressively Vulnerable), he decided that his video should follow that same aesthetic.  Filmed entirely inside a confined, barn-like space, the video is a dance of movement and information that Brown partakes in with the camera (and by proxy, the viewer).  Released via Shibby Pictures, the video is not only a uniquely fitting one for Brown‘s approach to music and performing, but it is a wonderfully jarring change of pace to the hip-hop music video realm, a realm sorely in need of diversity these days.  Props to Jonathan Brown, as always, and here’s to more creative content from one of the most creative cats out there.


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