Mobbing Deep :: Camo Crew Drops ‘Who Is It?’ Single


Back in the day, the Austin hip-hop vibe was heavy with collaborative efforts… Mirage 512 and Tee Double used to connect regularly, Bavu Blakes first cut his teeth with Reelaktz, and Da’Shade Moonbeam famously came up via DKC / Off The Block.  Therefore, even though the city nowadays has a tendency to clique up rather than build as a united front, solo MCs occasionally still link up for crew projects.  The old school homie Profit-Z hit me up with a track from his partners Camo Crew featuring bars from himself, Mista Wyte and Legion D. Wise, with the production assist from OSKAR MIKE (Anno Domini Beats).  Definitely check it out, give it a comment, like and share, and keep supporting local hip hop!


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