Mellow Masterpiece :: Poolboi Blu Keeps The ‘Sincere’ Momentum Going With ‘(Volume 004)’


You’d think with the summer heat on the horizon, poolboi blu would be ratcheting up the vibes, but on his latest mix of his soon to be iconic series, sincere (volume 004)poolboi opts for a mellower set of songs.  The R&B jams that open the mix are a refreshing change of pace, and when the bars start dropping it’s like ‘the party was already going, so why not invite a few more friends?’  I’m always going to be ready and on the lookout for a poolboi mix, and he certainly hasn’t let me down yet.  For those catching this post while it’s relevant, you can catch poolboi blu and myself doing 2X4 DJ sets this Thursday at Buzzmill San Marcos, and this Friday at Tantra Coffeehouse (San Marcos).  Don’t sleep.



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