Strange Love :: Click-Clack And Ballteam Keep It Coming With ‘Skranger Things’


On a national scale, the music scene may be anticipating Pusha T‘s Surgical Summer, but Ballteam and Click-Clack are looking to turn the Austin hip-hop scene into Ballteam Season for the summer.  The collective keeps dropping banger after banger at a breakneck pace, the latest being Skranger Things.  The song is infectious as hell, with it’s synthesizer loop-based and 808 heavy track (the synthesizer I’m sure was an influence on the track name).  Click-Clack part raps, part sings his way through a persistent statement of letting the girl at the focus of the song know that he can make whatever she wants happen more so than other guys can, but she has to make it known.  Props on the Lucas artwork for the cover.  You know the drill… share this around so that the numbers on the track can reflect the dopeness.



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