Upward Momentum :: Fort Never Drops ‘Fly High’ Video

Alejandro Jodorowsky would be proud of Fort Never.  The group, known for their deeply emotive and thought-provoking music, decided to take on the monumental task of making the music video for Fly High an homage to the cult classic The Holy Mountain,  and I’m here to tell you that they did it justice.  The track is moving, with its heavy percussion, chanting and soul-stirring sitar work, all wonderfully supporting Chantell Moody‘s lyrics about learning to let go of the steering wheel and let fate be the pilot.  For a band with such a small video catalog at the moment, the strides they are making from video to video are making that catalog quite the formidable one.  Definitely a video of the year contender.  Props to Fort Never and Travis Hoggard, director of the video, for their stellar work.



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