Soft Parade :: Muff Continues To Grow With ‘Go Gently’


There’s something about the Austin-based band Muff that just works for me.  I don’t know if it’s their wonderfully playful guitar and bass melodies, the driving drums, the lyrics that reveal new insight upon repeat listens, the way that they sing, or a combination of all those elements, but Muff makes music that I can just hit play and allow it to take over.  Go Gently, the band’s new release, not only continues their tradition of great songwriting, it ups the ante by introducing new elements : production that is more layered and textured, synth sounds that were either not present in the self-titled debut or not showcased, and an overall more composed and up front sense of being about the band.  The performances are more confident, and listening to this album is like getting to know a friend better more so than meeting them for the first time (which is how it should be in terms of musical progression).  I still have high hopes for Muff, as I can envision great things happening for them due to the caliber of band they are.  Here’s to hoping that Go Gently points them in the right direction and affords them new opportunities.



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