Award Tour :: Attic Ted Performs ‘Take Me Back To Tulsa’ At Galerie Kirschey For Raw Gigs

Over the past couple of years, Attic Ted has found himself exploring the clubs, pubs, museums and DIY spaces of Europe via several tours of different countries.  His eccentric and exhilarating performance has always been appreciated stateside, but he’s really been making waves to the point the trips overseas have become somewhat frequent.  Recently, while stopping by Galerie Kirschey in GermanyAttic Ted hooked up with Raw Gigs to perform Take Me Back To Tulsa for their YouTube channel.  The result is a unique presentation of an Attic Ted standard, fit and ready for you to watch, like, comment and share.  Seeing Attic Ted relishing in his opportunities is inspiring, so definitely take a moment to check him out!



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