Independent Spirits :: John Valley And Crew Embark On The ‘Duncan’ Journey


Austin-based music video and film director John Valley is about to take a huge step forward in his creative life.  This past Monday, the Seed & Spark campaign begin for his upcoming independent feature film Duncan.  The film is a slightly embellished re-creation of the events surrounding Pizzagate, with a bit of a ‘what-if’ scenario thrown in for good measure as a reflection on the ‘fake news’ culture that runs rampant these days.  The campaign to get this film made is an important one… every bit of money and equipment donated not only will help ensure this film’s completion, but 1,000 likes will ensure the project moves to the next round, where the possibility of $60k and production credits from the Duplass Brothers becomes closer to reality.  As a member of the cast, I would certainly appreciate, and I don’t find it presumptuous to say that the rest of the cast and crew would feel the same.



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