Making Moves :: Baby Lion’s Big Rollout

Over the course of the last year, the Baby Lion Studios collective of Adam Protextor and Stephanie Thoreson has been busy creating proof of concept episodes and testing out their production skills.  This, combined with their love of all things nostalgic, has led them (and us) to Friday, September 21 : the official premier of Season 1 for the Baby Lion YouTube channel.  The season will consist of multiple episodes for the three shows they currently have : Slumber Party ClubRappers Playing Games (RPG), and My Biggest Weirdest Fear.  In celebration of their achievement (and as a testament to that love of nostalgia previously mentioned), they released a brief clip from episode 3 of Slumber Party Club.  The clip features Stephanie and Jonah Yohana doing their rendition of a classic jam by The Beets from the NickToon original Doug :

I’m definitely looking forward to what Baby Lion has in store, and that’s not just because your’s truly is in a future episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG).  This will most certainly be a fun ride, so do yourself a favor by following the channel, ringing that notification bell, and maybe even tossing them a like on Facebook so you can stay informed.



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