Doubling Down :: MANNERS Celebrates Second Release Day By Dropping Two Projects





After releasing a project earlier this year, then dealing with a band member relocation that probably would have disbanded most groups, it’s good to know that MANNERS is still alive and kicking.  To celebrate that fact, the group put out a planned release in the form of Pulp, a six song collection (five of which are seeing an official release for the first time) that showcases their continued tradition of writing intriguing, biting and honest love/break-up songs in the vein of PJ Harvey or Cat Power‘s older material.  Then, as if a new album wasn’t enough, the group released a live show at Beerland that they themselves did not know was being recorded at the time.  Thanks to Maximiamo Deems, the group was handed a fully recorded and mixed live project that not only sounds great, but it gives you a glimpse into how funny the between-song banter of MANNERS can be.  If you’re a fan of the group, definitely spread the word around about these releases.



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