Blind Faith :: Marrshun Examines ‘Prayer Hands’

While discussing local creatives, Nick Hanover of the OVRLD blog decided to do me a solid and hip me to some unique hip hop in the form of Houston-born, New York-based MC and performance artist Marrshun.  The video Hanover shared with me, Prayer Hands, is a meditation on how traditions in the black community that originated from abuse during times of limited human rights have evolved into a form of passivity that puts faith in an interesting juxtaposition of being valid and an empty gesture.  The whole idea is visually sold in the form of an interpretation of the iconic opening to the Brady Bunch sitcom, with an interesting family portrayed solely by Marsshun.  Based on the merit of this work in a vacuum, I am definitely interested in hearing more songs, seeing more videos, and perhaps checking out a live show one day.  Definitely check it out yourself, as this is the kind of art bound to open up lines of dialogue and deep thought.



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