Mock Trial :: TrumpCard Looks At The State Of The Nation With ‘Use Your Collusion’


Music, especially punk rock, has always had a way of commenting on what’s going on with real life,  specifically the realms of the absurd and the politically corrupt.  Both of those boxes were recently checked during the election of President Trump, so it was only natural that a band like TrumpCard would rise to fulfill the role of commentators.  After a solid run of live performances, the band took to the studio to record Use Your Collussion, permanently solidifying their stance of calling out the President‘s contradictions, backsliding and overall immature nature.  The music is forceful and immediate, and the lyrics put aside the notion of jabs in favor of throwing comical (yet thought-provoking) haymakers.  This music will offend some, especially while all of us are in the thick of this, but over time, I believe this album will become a signal point in the war to win back rationality.



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