Bonus Beats :: Lantic Releases Singles In Preparation Of ‘Anti-Gravity Elevator’


Being involved in the central Texas music scene is a blessing for fans of unknown or up-and-coming bands.  Between band members, label owners, sound guys, bar owners and promoters, you’d be hard pressed to go a week without hearing about a handful of local gems.  In my quest for website content, I sometimes get so many recommendations that I overlook some, and Lantic is a prime example of this.  The guys at Apogee presents… posted about Lantic in regards to their upcoming album, Anti-Gravity Elevator, and I promptly saved the link and forgot about it.  Upon digging back through my saves, however, I gave the new tracks a spin, and now I’m waiting urgently for the full-length release, as Lantic hits all the same buttons for me that bands like Tame Impala or artists like Jim James hit.  If you’ve not heard of these guys yet, now’s a good time to get hip.  They were good enough to warrant a double post today!



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