New Nostalgia :: Curbside Jones Drops A Dart With ‘Sitting Gorgeous In My Fortress’


There used to be this range of time in hip-hop, I’d say from about 1992 to about 1997, where ‘backpack rap’ was at one if its apex points… hip-hop artists from every region where flexing strong in both the lyrical and production realms, and despite being overshadowed by gangsta rap in the mainstream, this movement helped solidify and bolster the culture.  Curbside Jones recently dropped a sneak preview single from his latest installment of the Milk Tea Chronicles titled Milk Tea Chronicles : Madsheepery, and the vibe it gave me put me right back in that headspace.  The cool thing about it, however, is that the whole vibe is updated in terms of references (vibranium, SKRRRRRT, etc.) and production style (DeJohn Linward provides a lo fi beats to study to vibe with a bit of teeth behind it), and even the cover and installment title give visions of Madlib and MF Doom, both of whom continue to reposition the bar in regards to quality hip-hop.  If this single, Sitting Gorgeous In My Fortress, is an indication of what Madsheepery has in store, consider me sold.



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