Lo-Fi Displacement :: Virgil Wolfe Gets Raw With ‘Temporary Residence’


Hip-hop can be quite the bittersweet discipline.  For all of the beauty and raw emotion it harnesses and unleashes, beneath that initial layer lays this ability to peel away all layers of lies and falsification in order to hit true nerves and address issues directly.  It can be a jarring process, but ultimately quite the therapeutic one for both listener and MC.  Exhibit A : Virgil Wolfe and his latest single, Temporary Residence.  While I don’t know what has gone on in his personal life, as a friend of his, I do know that he’s been on the same rocky road that many of us have been on recently, and with a recent laptop crash, that can leave a songwriter and recording artist feeling constrained and restricted.  Wolfe, however, is one of the more resourceful creators out there, and after a bit of time with a SP404sx, he was able to record Temporary Residence, vocals and all.  You can hear the emotional release that the process gave him in his performance, and it bolsters the track greatly.  Definitely a diamond produced from the pressure that is life.



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