Steel Reserved :: WayLodge Releases Video For ‘Longing’

Over the past couple of years that I’ve gotten to know WayLodge, the biggest surprise was finding out that he was a musician, as most of our conversations tended to center around movies.  His musical discipline, much to my pleasure, falls into the realm of what some would consider lo-fi, although his approach falls into the realm of ’emotionally experimental’, if I had to hang a name on it.  Longing is a solid example of what WayLodge brings to the table, as the drone-like spine of the track allows a roadmap for lighter textures that grow dynamically.  The accompanying video supports the song well, with the hypnotic initial images allowing a more vicious cycle to replace them while simultaneously reinforcing the original images.  I’m definitely looking forward to a WayLodge project, and I am curious to see where his growing ventures take him.



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