True Foundations :: ImYoungin Talks Real On ‘Change Up’

Life is full of odd behavior and second guessing, and it’s crystal clear that ImYoungin understands that to the fullest.  Change Up, his latest music video, is a focus on staying real to yourself, embracing your come up, and navigating the mine field that is jealousy and envy at your success (and/or others’ lack of success).  ImYoungin avoids the cliches of fancy sets and big money objects, instead opting to keep he and his daughter looking fresh while hanging out in the neighborhood, possibly as a testament to show how he will always support those that show support back.  The track hits hard, ImYoungin effortlessly switches between a mellow hook and blistering verses, and the video is full of images that would make even the most heartless cat on the street stop and smile for a second.  Check out the vid, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment… and as always, support local!



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