Winning Team :: Ronita Miller And Greg Williams Join ‘From Left Field’ Podcast


Over the past year I’ve booked a number of film gigs, and one of the odder random occurrences that has surrounded these bookings is the parallel booking of J.J. Summers, an Austin-based comedian and improvisational actor.  From these numerous bookings, a friendship has formed, and recently, J.J. invited me to be on his podcast From Left Field, where he and co-host Wendy Simmons discuss baseball movies (in nine innings, no less).  For inning five, local creator Ronita Miller and myself stopped by to discuss The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, the Motown production focusing on the Negro Leagues.  The conversation was fun, entertaining, and on occasion, hilarious.  Check out the podcast on your favorite podcast-listening format.



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