Sacrificial Lamb :: Michael White Professes ‘I’ll Be Your 9/11’

Though hip-hop culture is nearly half a century old, there are no true gatekeepers or active elders that I am aware of to make sure that the history of the culture is respected and learned, and that the directions the culture moves benefit the bigger picture.  Due to this situation, it makes it very easy for the uninitiated and the underappreciated to try and assassinate the character of hip-hop, despite all that is done internally to keep things alive and fruitful.  It appears that Corpus Christi-based MC Michael White has had enough of this, however, and he professes so over the blistering track that is I’ll Be Your 9/11.  Over the familiar refrains of Express YourselfWhite calmly (but quickly) breaks down his reasons for taking part in the culture, his observations on the sabotage that takes place constantly, and even offers up some gameplans for getting heads back on track.  This was a nice surprise discovery, and that’s why I want to share it with you, as I believe many folks would benefit from hearing this message.  Check out the video, share it around, and leave a comment to let White know where you stand on the issues.



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