Turning Point :: Playtime Comedy Switches Modes With ‘The Effigy’

Playtime Comedy has a tangible track record of creating humorous content, and when one has established a niche, it is often easy to lean heavily on that niche.  What makes things truly interesting, however, is when the script gets flipped, and the same level of creativity and quality is applied to something outside of what is expected.  This is exactly what has occurred in The Effigy, a straightforward horror short that will certainly leave an impression on viewers.  The piece creates tension in its visual intimacy and measured use of dialogue, all while introducing the unusual into the aggressively familiar.  I was hanging on, expecting for a comedic turn, but much to my pleasure, it did not arrive.  Props to Playtime Comedy for this achievement… definitely check out their YouTube channel for both the funny and the frightening.



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