Waking Life :: SHOUTOUTSAK! Drops Video For ‘LONGNIGHT’

With so much new music coming out on nearly a daily basis, it gets really easy to find a particular collective of artists that you focus on and stick with them solely in terms of exposure.  In an effort to expand my research and find artists I am unfamiliar with, I hit a first swing homerun after discovering SHOUTOUTSAK!‘s latest music video release, LONGNIGHT.  The Austin-based rapper uses a dense, lush synth and drum based track as a bed (no pun intended) for his song-like style that properly lays out the typical day that most artistic types experience : vivid days experiencing, long nights reflecting, and lost days recovering.  The video offers up several slices of life takes featuring SHOUTOUTSAK!, but filters them through a skewed perspective of trippiness and camera movement that pulls you in as the seconds tick.  Definitely worth your likes, comments and shares, so hit it up!



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