Fight Song :: Poolboi Blu Remixes ‘Square Up’


While most people know of poolboi blu for his original production, his steadily growing performance career, or his s i n c e r e radio series, but quiet as kept, the homie is building up a steady catalog of strong remixes.  His latest is a sinister turn on a comedy hip-hop classic, the Zack Fox and Kenny Beats collaboration Square Up.  The song itself is highly infectious with the original Kenny Beats production, but the lighthearted nature is flipped on its head and turned into something with a bit of potential menace after going through the poolboi blu filter.  Like many of his other remixes, I’ll definitely be adding this one into my live mixes, so keep an ear open for it.  If you dig the song, leave a comment somewhere on the track, and share it around so others can enjoy it as well!



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