Visionary Talent :: BluMoon Make Mind-Blowing Music Video For ‘Grass Stains/Just Begun (Hollywood)’

I’ve always been highly impressed with the creative drive and impressive execution of ideas that makes BluMoon the musical juggernaut that they are.  With the release of their latest project, Slow Burn, the crew has managed to unveil another shade of their creative side via a series of striking music videos.  Their latest, Grass Stains/Just Begun (Hollywood), is summed up best by the words of the band :

“Adolescences, curiosity and permanent consequences, if only we could go back… Grass Stains and Just Begun (Hollywood) explores the fantasy of reversing the impossible, the results of our actions and the results of time.”

Take a moment to check out this beautiful art, share it around so others can dig it as well, and make sure to like it and leave a comment so it gets the views it deserves.



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