Love Games :: Tone Royal And DEVMO Collaborate With Dynasty Wells-Union On Unforgettable Video For ‘Daily’

While not the first video I’ve seen made entirely of Lego‘s, I have to say that Tone Royal and DEVMO‘s video for Daily, created after a month of painstaking work by director Dynasty Wells-Union, is an achievement nonetheless.  The narrative presented mirrors that of the song, and the perspective switch (and style switch) used to convey point of view (and time of events, respectively) is extremely simple but effective.  Tone gives an extremely heartfelt performance, but manages to avoid the trappings of a one-sided story by providing DEVMO the opportunity to give the other side, allowing both to come to a loving middle ground after seeing the greater picture of good and bad.  This one will definitely get some year-end recognition, but don’t wait until then to check it out, as it deserves to go viral right now.



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