Divine Shine :: Sungods Drop New Visual For ‘Huītzilōpōchtli’

When its all said and done, the homie Evolve may end up being one of Texas‘s most prolific artists in terms of output and crew affiliations.  Rather than do one-off collaborations with producers and artists, Evolve has a knack for throwing himself into deeper collaborations that result in the creation of supergroups and MC/producer tandems.  This time around, Evolve has connected with Ibe Hustles to form Sungods, a duo of MCs with distinct and direct styles used to bless listeners with knowledge and lyrical gems.  The two hooked up with producer eLiMenCe to bring forth Huītzilōpōchtli, and with the help of Not Just Entertainment, a music video has been created to accompany the moody track.  Definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!



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