Dream Works :: DJ Byron Art And Hydeen K. Beverly Explore Mind Over Matter With ‘Grace’


While combing Facebook for content (as I usually do), I came across a post by the homie MadCoins that intrigued me.  He mentioned his homie Hydeen K. Beverly, a Philadelphia native currently residing in Austin, dropping bars on a new single named Grace, and with a classic style cover accompanying the recommendation, it was nearly impossible to skip.  Thank God I didn’t, because this brief but powerful track really left an impression on me.  Hydeen‘s wise and philosophical ruminations on life fit well over the DJ Byron Art track, and the additional versions of the track contain equal levels of impact.  The drums on the original bolster the message, the additional flourish on the Vincent Rohr remix give the track a bittersweet beauty, and the unplugged version allows the piano to showcase Hydeen‘s words perfectly.  If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, check out this track, and if it leaves an impression on you like it did on me, share it around for others to feel as well.



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