Improvement Grooves :: Ooey Gooeys Close Out 2019 With ‘Do Better’

As we transition into the new year, as well as a new decade, it’s important to continue moving forward in all endeavors, creative or otherwise.  For the San Marcos-based Ooey Gooeys, it seems like their forward movement will be a continuation rather than a new start, as they kicked off season two of their video EP series on New Year’s Eve.  This collection, titled the Wanna Be EP, is starting off wonderfully with Do Better, an instrumental jam that allows everyone in the band moments to shine while showcasing the band’s collective ability to groove.  I’ll certainly be tuning in for the rest of the EP as they release songs, and I will continue to support the guys in 2020.  Check out the video, like, share and leave a comment, and subscribe to the channel to stay in the loop for future releases.



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