Spectral Analyzer :: Christian Hyun Releases Compelling ‘Whole Colors’ Project


One thing I’ve always loved about my time spent in the San Marcos area was the seemingly endless supply of talented singers and songwriters that I was able to call my peer group.  When the times were really rolling, one of the songwriters that always left a major impression on me was Christian Hyun.  Over the years, folks left San Marcos to relocate to other cities, but this relocation didn’t always quell the creative drive, and in the case of Hyun, it seems as if he found inspiration going into 2020.  After experimenting with drum loops and trigger devices, his integration of this new element into his heartfelt, honest and riddle-fused writing has resulted in Whole Colors, an audio exercise in self-reflection, self-honesty and self-hope infusion.  The way that Hyun seems to see the world is captured, curated and given to us in 10 enjoyably digestible parts that flow in and out of one another similar to how key moments in life do.  Hyun put his heart and soul into this project, and it’s clearly evident even upon the first listen.  Check it out, share it around for others to do the same, and if you’ve got the funds to spare, cop a copy of the project for yourself!



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