Spacing Vaders :: Bjorn Vader’s February Single Releases

Keeping up with the release schedule of Bjorn Vader could fuel a blog of its own.  Granted, to make this statement in February, where he’s only released a couple of songs, sounds like a contradictory statement, but even when quantity is not a factor he’s focused on, the quality is always there.


Fences West is a somber, organ driven tune with a seeming focus on meditation and reflection.  The track is spacious, with a muted but driven drum track playing the background supporting role, and the organ run carries us emotionally through the track.


By comparison, the lightness is San Javier Strut is more comparable to the lightness of a crisp morning, with hope, aspirations and high spirits being the key factors.  The playful way that the organ and horns take turns on center stage works well, with this interplay providing shades and textures over the combination of drums and percussion that plays the foundation role.

Bjorn Vader has truly taken major steps in the transition from music fan to music producer.  He, very similar to myself, is a testament that the line between those who enjoy and those who contribute is imaginary, if not non-existent, and is completely crossable if you’re willing to put in time that equals the love and respect for the art form.  Stay connected to Bjorn Vader‘s Bandcamp page, as he stays uploading new tracks, and make sure your friends are hip to it as well.



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