Vibrate Higher :: S.O.T.U. Drops ‘Cymatics’ Project


The College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) continues to come with it in 2020.  After releasing a very forward-thinking and looking video for In A Zone, the duo of Sound of the Underground (S.O.T.U.), consisting of MCs The Culprit and Mic Trey, have come together to form a strong project in the form of Cymatics.  The production on the project gives off a slight 8Ball & MJG vibe, serving as a great foundation for the unexpected rapid fire flows that each MC brings to the table.  The styles each member utilizes balance well from song to song and against one another, and the subject matter covered has a range, giving the lyrics a multi-generational vibe in terms of topics covered.  You can find this project most anywhere, so check it out, share it around, and support your local creatives.



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