Dynamic Range :: d(-_-)b’s ‘Ambient Minimalistic Turntableisms’ Project


While digging through Facebook, I came across a post from the homie Brainwavve requesting links to recently released music, which of course resulted in an instant post save from me.  There was quite a bit to choose from in terms of genre, style and so on, but one of the album covers really caught my attention.  This, of course, was d(-_-)b‘s recent release, Ambient Minimalistic Turntableisms.  I gave it a listen, and I was pleasantly surprised by the breakbeats used as a skeleton for a wide range of ambient and lush sounds, leaving an interesting gap that allows the listener to almost exist in the midst of each track.  The songs oscillate between hip-hop and techno-esque sounds, further bridging style and sonic gaps.  If you’re into instrumental, low key and/or experimental sounds, I’d say this one is for you.  Check it out, donate a buck or two if you can, and spread it around for others to experience!



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