Double Dosage :: Gost 915 Drops A Pair Of New Singles

The homie Gost 915 has consistently been one of the realest and most honest MCs I’ve had the pleasure to call a friend, so once I learned that he would be relocating from the Austin area to the Philadelphia area, I was ready to hear what the move would present in terms of new music.  We didn’t have to wait long, as this past week Gost dropped a pair of singles that properly put us up to speed.  Both of the tracks are somber, mellow selections, with SKRT (Gone) and Spinning. both offering revealing looks into Gost‘s mindstate during this transition.  I could offer interpretation, but it’d be a pointless venture, as Gost has always been able to deliver creative lyrics that tell their own tale.  Check out the tracks, leave likes and comments if you feel them, and spread them around for all to enjoy.



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