Manifest Destiny :: BÖNDBREAKR Prepares For New EP Release With ‘Kill Your Gods’

BÖNDBREAKR is looking to make big waves with the upcoming release of their second EP, the self-titled BÖNDBREAKR.  In light of the current social climate, the calls for dismantling the current system, and the consistent hurdles that many of us seem to face as we navigate our day to day experience, BÖNDBREAKR‘s lead single Kill Your Gods serves as a forceful call to action to take the power back while making an example of those that disenfranchised you.  As the waves of unrest continue to rise, believe that BÖNDBREAKR and artists of their ilk will continue to make attempts to mobilize people towards change.  Check out the track, share it around if you dig it, and place a pre-order if you’re looking to support.



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