Creative Wings :: Sir Woman Branches Out With ‘Bitch’ EP

For many years, I’ve been a fan and supporter of the Austin-based outfit Wild Child, but apparently I was only a surface level fan, because it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the side projects connected to the group.  I bring this up because my recent discovery of lead singer Kelsey Wilson‘s solo project Sir Woman has been a complete breath of fresh air.  Her latest EP, the soulful Bitch, sets aside the airy vibes that Wild Child is known for, instead going for the gut punch of deep feeling and emotion over lush 1970‘s era production, falling in the realms of Barry White and Minnie Ripperton more so that the hippie-esque vibes that Wild Child is known for.  Long story short, don’t sleep on this one here… cop it if you can, stream it and share it regardless, and always support your local creatives!



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