Double Down :: EVOLVE Drops A Pair Of Companion Projects

As October came to an end, the homie Evolve decided to bless the masses with a pair of connected projects : SIDE A: CONVERSATION PIECES and SIDE B: SINNER’S PRAYER.  On top of both having stellar album artwork that is immediately striking, EVOLVE‘s hardline observations can be found all over both projects, with his deliberate and proud delivery of truth coming at the listener relentlessly.  Both albums have a somber feel to them, although CONVERSATION PIECES relies on more introspective, lush, piano-driven beats, while SINNER’S PRAYER definitely has the more sinister sonic edge.  With a production line-up consisting of Shots DupreJony EscoeJunk Room BeatsPurple VillianJones Got MusicThe ProcessAwdazcate and Lord Damage, these two distinct audio feels have enough variety amongst themselves to carry you through both projects.  For those with money burning a hole in their pocket, this is definitely worth supporting, but even if the money is tight, these albums are certainly worth your time, attention and shares, so be sure to support however you can.



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