Blast Off :: Kydd Jones Spaces Out On ‘Left Earth’

Disillusionment is not a rare state these days, and that seems to go double for those with any aspiration, creative ability or personal drive.  With so many supposed opportunities having been skewed by COVID-19, it’s not surprising that artists such as Kydd Jones have continued to thrive.  As Left Earth demonstrates, Kydd has always been one to thrive in spite of obvious opportunities like hustling, street culture or drug selling.  Over an interestingly manipulated, organic element-based beat (it’s hard to explain, but give it a listen), we find Kydd spitting a short set of lyrics talking about why he will continue to thrive regardless of the state of things for those held down by gravity (the Earth‘s, or otherwise).  If you need a shot of inspiration, this one is for you, so definitely check it out, support if you can, and spread this word far and wide.



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