World View :: Protextor Taps Doc Brown And Bird Peterson For ‘Look Around’

Entitlement is a dangerous thing, especially when a previously (minimally) disenfranchised but persistent group finds new validation in the leader of the free world.  Speaking about institutionalized racism, unbalanced power structures and the pervasiveness of the victim complex can be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s a topic that can no longer be ignored.  Thankfully, Protextor has the wherewithal to not only speak honestly from his perspective, but the foresight and common decency to invite an artist like Doc Brown to share his perspective as well… while the two have a long history of collaboration and a few key similarities in taste, their backgrounds and experience in the world could not be more different, which makes their synergy that much more palatable.  It doesn’t hurt, either, that the prolific Bird Peterson lent his production skills to the track, turning it from a heavy dose of medicine to an eye-opening and perspective shifting banger.  Stream this, cop this while it’s at a variable price point, and pass it around for others to listen, and in turn, grow from it.



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