Time Passage :: Cunabear Reflects Deep On ‘Curse’ Video

Cunabear, the underground hip-hop philosopher with a voice of gravel and a heart of gold, is hitting 2021 in the correct manner by not letting off of the 2020 gas and momentum he created.  In preparation for the release of STEEL TIPPED BEAR’S CLAW!, his upcoming project, cunabear has released the single and video CURSE, an abstract look at existence through the eyes of an optimistically pessimistic MC.  Steel Tipped Dove provides the sinister, piano-laden track that gives cunabear room to spit his heavily symbolic bars, while the video plays like a self-made affair displaying cunabear in his natural element.  Dig the track, drop a like and a comment on the video, and share it around to build up the hype in anticipation of what’s coming soon!



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