Recovery Raps :: CHASEISNORML Lets The World Know He’s ‘OKAY’

It’s been a minute since the homie now known as CHASEISNORML has tossed his hat into the hip-hop ring, but it appears that his absence may have done his some personal good.  His new single and video, the brooding and introspective OKAY, seems to be a bit of a confessional about his ascension from deep lows to his current status in life, all over a dark but vibey beat by Thurty Fiive (my apologies if this is a miscredit).  With a little help from videographer Roy Burkhart III and editor ViperHyperCHASEISNORML has blessed us with a set of visuals that help capture the vibe of where his head is currently at.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if it moves you, and share it around to run those numbers up!



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