Faded Loyalty :: Cha’keeta B and Lakrea Drop Video For ‘In My Bag’

Cha’keeta B has been shooting shots for years, and in my opinion, she hasn’t missed yet.  This go ’round, she reached out to Lakrea for a brief but powerful rumination on how jealously can shift the intentions and actions of others titled In My Bag.  As with most all of the production Cha’keeta selects, this one is catchy and has plenty of bounce, which keeps her already inspired and high energy flow at a level that darts and weaves through the bassline and hi-hats.  As for lyrical content, you already know that if it’s coming from Cha’keeta B it’s going to be real talk, and Lakrea helps punctuate the matter with a memorable and catchy hook assist.  This one is rapidly approaching a four-digit view count, so if you want to help this clip achieve virality, go give it some spins, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!



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