Shop Talk :: #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Keeps Momentum Going With Episodes On Billy Woods And The Pharcyde

Being a part of the Weird Rap‘s YouTube and podcast series #WeirdRapDiscussionGang has not only been an honor, it has been extremely educational, insightful and inspirational.  As a lover of hip-hop and an ex-record store employee, the need to indulge in deep conversations about music and culture has been ingrained into my DNA, and thanks to Th’Mole#WeirdRapDiscussionGang has served as the perfect way to scratch that itch.  Our last two episodes featured an in-depth look at the incredibly dense mystery of an album that is Hiding Places by Billy Woods, as well as a discussion of the first two albums and overall career of Los Angeles hip-hop icons The Pharcyde.  If you love hearing nerds talk that nerd talk about moving music, then do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Weird Rap channel today, because it feels like this boulder is preparing to gain some momentum.



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