Natural Movements :: Yawny Yelly Glowy Floaty Makes Moving Video For ‘Set It Up Right’

Sometimes, the direct approach is best.  Exhibit A : Set It up Right, the latest music video from the unique sonic laboratory of yawny yelly glowy floaty.  If taken purely on sonic merits alone, the song stands as another achievement from a duo quickly becoming known for their consistency in quality… the track comes on ominous, but quickly amps itself up into triumphant levels, while the lyrics are as encouraging as they are comforting.  Luckily for all of us, yawny yelly glowy floaty reached out to Jaylin Lane for assistance with the video, and the result is a true celebration of unrestricted expression in the form of Lane finding open spaces to perform extremely expressionistic dancing, with the result being an extremely moving and captivating piece of art.  Dig the video for yourself, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and spread the word so that all can enjoy!



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