Dental Damage :: BÖNDBREAKR Unleashes ‘Angry Tooth’ Single And Video

From the digital desk of BÖNDBREAKR‘s Hurricane G : 

“I wrote Angry Tooth as a way to deal with depression and anxiety, both of which I’d been suppressing with self-medication via partying, beer and hard liquor. It took years for me to seek therapeutic counseling, but I knew it was time for a change when the drink stopped working. Oddly enough, I composed the main riff and lyrics while having my wisdom tooth prepped for extraction. The tooth became infected and needed to be removed right away. As the dental assistant cleaned the affected area, she sucked in her breath and said, “Oh, my! Now that’s an angry tooth.” She was right. I’d lost interest in the basic necessities of taking care of myself, with my teeth being the first to show signs of distress. Not only was the tooth angry; I was angry, too. And deeply depressed. After a couple of years of counseling, I learned how to better manage my depression and anxiety. Although there are days that are more emotionally taxing than others, songwriting and playing music with my bandmates really helps reroute my thinking. While I don’t want to go through anything resembling the lyrics of Angry Tooth ever again, I think it’s important to talk about such experiences that force growth, whether it’s pleasant or not.”

Very well put, and props to Jonathan Nunan for helping to bring the band’s vision to life in this gritty and unforgettable video. If you dig this in any way, shape or form, then leave a like and a comment on the video, share it around for everyone to enjoy, and support your local creatives!


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