Awakening Sleepers :: Babelfishh Drops “Coma Worthy” Project

babelfishh has never been a stranger to breaking conventions and pushing the boundaries of creation, and he continues these sonic practices with coma worthy, his latest release.  Rather than me fumble around for the right words, I think I’ll let babelfishh speak on the project : 

“The second outing on Divergent Series, babelfishh‘s multidiscipline approach to everything real and unreal is actualized here – an uneasy gauntlet that runs through an unlucky 13 tracks combining chewing, junkyard blackened samples and fragment skull cleatings – ready for tooth pulling and leg bone mangling.  Wet blanket enthusiasts keep your distance.  667!

For those that care, this album took an exceedingly long time to complete due to living in an off grid cabin that is still without solar for now.
That in conjunction with doing a fair amount of rambling around and/or living out of the truck.
With that being stated, this album was written mostly on the road and then recorded in: people’s guestrooms, backyard shakes, garages, trailers, rehearsal spaces, an occasional hotel room and eventually finished up in what used to be a commercial kitchen.  These songs bleed as intended and spoil as predicted.  A celebration of nothing.”

Straight dopeness.  If you’re in to having your brain scrambled, dig this one and dig it good.



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