Vision Questing :: Kae Astra Releases Impressive And Inspiring Video For ‘Grow’

As the masses collectively emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in an attempt to find footing in our ‘new normal’, it’s good to see expressive, boundary-pushing artists like Kae Astra emerging with an inspirational message.  Kae Astra is no stranger to visually dynamic and engaging presentations, but Grow hits a little differently in the way that it presents us with a symbolic analogy about discovery in isolation.  The song is as upbeat as it is lush, which matches the haunting visuals that literally find Kae Astra learning about herself with assistance from projected versions of herself out in the midst of the desert.  Thanks to the work of director HM and crew, Kae Astra‘s beautiful song has been transformed into a beautifully cinematic video that is sure to leave an impression on all that discover it.  If you dig it, leave a like and a comment before you share it with anyone else you feel might dig it.



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