Silk Road-Warrior :: BLXPLTN Drops Powerful Video For ‘Black Site’ Single

Austin-based genre-bending outfit BLXPLTN has a knack for not only making powerful songs, but making equally powerful visuals that inform viewers on their chosen subject matters while enhancing the experience of taking the song in.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Black Site, their latest single and video, continues this trend by finding the band exploring ideas of escapism as a reaction to political corruption and public redundancy.  Zero Hour ATX, the collective that produced, directed and shot the video, reinforced these notions by recreating the feel of a literal dark web black site, adding little bits of code and much more into brief subliminal flashes prior to teasing the infamous snuff-style material that unwilling dark web explorers can stumble upon.  With a track record like theirs, it’s good to know that BLXPLTN doesn’t appear to be letting the foot off of the creative gas anytime soon.  Definitely check out the video, give it a like and leave a comment if you dig it, and share it around to help support Austin originals.



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