Story Shards :: Kenny Casanova Steps His Game Up With ‘Mercury In Water’

From the digital desk of Kenny Cassanova :

Texas artist Kenny Casanova aka Ken Casio is on his way to carving a definitive lane for himself as he continues his musical journey with his upcoming album, Mercury In Water.  This 12-song experience has enlisted features and production from WiFiGawd, Tony Seltzer, Popstar Benny, Clayco & more.

The album Mercury in Water is Kenny’s declaration of his existence.  It belies a story telling format, walking the listener through vignettes, in no chronological order, that communicate the laws that rule over Kenny’s being.  Mercury is a planet associated with communication and is the planet closest to the sun; water is a multidimensional element known for its fluidity and it’s physics-defying properties; Mercury in Water is Kenny’s interpretation of the intercepted culminations of his subconscious brainwaves.  In layman’s term, this album is Kenny playing connect the dots with the thoughts that enter, inhabit and frequent his mind.”

Kenny Cassanova stays putting out dope music, so check this one out and spread the word for others to do the same!


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