Being Me :: Rajinee Shakes Souls And Enlightens Minds With ‘Catcall & Response’ (featuring Ol’ Black Stooge)

I hadn’t heard of rajinee prior to the homie Ryan Darbonne‘s (or, in this case, Ol’ Black Stooge) post, but if the homie is a part then I’m in with no questions asked.  As someone who’s been on a major Deb Never kick, rajinee was definitely speaking to my soul, though rajinee has the benefit of bigger, livelier and more bombastic production supporting her.  On Catcall & Responserajinee not only brings wisdom to what is almost certainly a reoccurring traumatic experience, but manages to artistically express the interaction via some very striking choreography.  The King of the Hill shoutout is super entertaining as well, and allows my aforementioned homie an entrance into the world of the June Third Films production.  This is the kind of video that will likely win some Austin Music Video Awards trophies, should they choose to submit the video, but regardless of whatever possible awards and recognition this video may get, it deserves your attention, so don’t hesitate to give it a watch, a like and a comment before spreading it far and wide!



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