Real Talk :: Weird Rap Discussion Gang Welcomes Geng (AKA King Vision Ultra) For A ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’ Session

The Weird Rap Discussion Gang is back at it again, and this time, the topic is a huge one… with the help of New York-based MC/producer/artist Geng (AKA King Vision Ultra), we took a true deep dive into one of the top hip-hop albums (and possibly one of the best albums, period) ever created : Public Enemy‘s standout third effort Fear of a Black Planet.   Three decades after the album’s monumental release it continues to educate and inspire, so it’s no surprise that it took us two sessions to (in my opinion) barely scratch the surface of what this modern masterpiece means to the hip-hop generation, hip-hop music, popular music, popular culture and so on.  Words of support can only do so much, so if you’ve ever been remotely interested in the Public Enemy juggernaut, then take a moment to check out the latest episode, and if you feel so inclined, leave a comment and a like, and don’t forget to share it around!



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